What size Pocket Plus should I buy for my phone?

It really depends on the size of case you have on your phone, and if you want a snug fit or a little extra room. It’s best if you can measure your phone and then decide based on the dimensions on our website. Keep in mind that the length listed does include the velcro closure, which is about an inch.

Is Pocket Plus safe to carry my cell phone in?

Pocket Plus is safe to use with cell phones!

Will the Pocket Plus ruin my hotel room key (key card type)?

Yes, however we have carried the key card inside an aluminum wallet in the Pocket Plus and the room key still worked, so you can always try that.

Which size would I get if I wanted it for my water bottle?

A 16.9 oz water bottle that is cylinder shape is usually a perfect fit in the medium Pocket Plus.

How do I clean my Pocket Plus?

The pockets are easy to clean, just use soap and water.

How does the pocket attach?

The Pocket Plus attaches as seen below. The magnet in the flap attaches to another magnet located in the pocket itself.

Pocket Plus Image

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