Is Pocket Plus safe to carry my cell phone in?

While it is impossible to test all the phones on the market, we currently have the following cell phones carried in the Pocket Plus by customers or employees: Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Iphone 4, Motorola Droid, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Bold, HTC Wildfire and HTC Snap.

Will the Pocket Plus wipe out my credit card?

It shouldn’t, we’ve tested multiple credit cards by taping them to the actual magnet for several hours and carrying them in the Pocket Plus for a few weeks – we didn’t experience any issues with using the cards after those tests and in fact, we still use them today. We are aware than some wallets and cell phones will wipe out credit cards so we are thrilled that we haven’t had any issues.

Will the Pocket Plus ruin my hotel room key (key card type)?

Yes, however we have carried the key card inside an aluminum wallet in the Pocket Plus and the room key still worked, so you can always try that.

Which size would I get if I wanted it for my water bottle?

A 16.9 oz water bottle that is cylinder shape is usually a perfect fit in the medium Pocket Plus.

How do I clean my Pocket Plus?

The pockets are easy to clean, just use soap and water.

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