Pocket Plus. No Pocket? No Problem!

We at Pocket Plus want to welcome you to our website. Pocket Plus is a portable pocket that was designed to attach over your waistband and stays secure with magnets – no need for a belt or belt loops. Pocket Plus will attach around the handlebars of a bicycle, strollers, walkers, wheelchairs and even golf carts, boat railings and will attach right to your motorcycle tank too. A great, inexpensive gift idea for someone of almost any age.
The Pocket Plus pockets are made in the US and come in five different sizes.

The small size is perfect for cell phones and is a great size for kids too.

The medium size works great for larger cell phones or if you want to carry a little more, for example: cash or passport, keys, medicine, etc. This size will carry a 16 oz bottle of water securely without flopping around and you won’t even notice the weight of the bottle very convenient when you are out on your daily walk.

The medium long size works great for larger cell phones than the medium size carries!

The large size is for when you need to carry a few extra things, take it hiking, the zoo, theme parks, camping and you can carry your medical supplies, kids wipes and anything you can think of. Store your dog treats when you are walking your dog. Use instead of a fanny pack or small purse when out shopping or site seeing.

The extra large size fits perfectly with Kindle, Nook, iPad mini and other small tablets. Roomy size for attaching to large items such as boat railings, attach to walkers or wheel chairs.

Orders will ship within 24 business hours. Orders for 1-2 pockets will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Orders for 3 or more pockets will ship FedEx.

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